Destin Florida

  A quick family trip. A perfect family vacation flight.


Cowl Flaps



Oil Cooler



Flight of 2






Landing Polly Ranch



Cowl Landing Light

Installed a Baja Squadron Pro light in the Show Plans Cowl.




Wheel and gear leg pants

20 hours, Aug 8-10, 2014
Installed the gear leg fairing and wheel fairings along with nose wheel fairing and leg fairing. Although it was a relatively easy task it was time consuming to get it all aligned correctly. Put the airplane on jacks to level it for inflight attitude and aligned all fairings.

Also installed the new Matco brakes, triple puck. Wow…. They work fantastic and feel twice as good as the Grove brakes. Much better braking action with no fade.

In fight the airplane was still in trim after all the fairing and pants installed. Definite increase in speed along with the associated drop in power required to fly at the same speed without the fairing and pants.



Picture Update






Grove Brakes for sale

Grove brake and wheel for sale



Engine Baffling Work Requird

10 hours, July 5-6, 2014

I started working on the engine baffling by removing the pilot side inlet ramp and associated rubber ramp that goes over the AC compressor. I threw it all in the trash to force myself to come up with a new design. I spoke with Nick and Dave about what needed to be corrected and dove into making the changes. Once I had the pilot side inlet ramp off, I trimmed the vertical angle piece covering some of the cylinder face and then went about threading the lower baffling rod that keeps the baffling wrapped tightly around the cylinders. There were large gaps in the baffling since the inlet ramps were pulled back away form the front cylinders causing the cylinder to not be wrapped properly.

I readjusted the lower portion of the cylinder baffles on both sides and now have the very well conformed and fitted to the cylinders 1,2 and 5,6. I then started working the pilot side inlet ramp redesign. ONce that was completed I then moved over to the copilot side and moved the inlet ramp inward and filled the gaps there. I used red RTV to sealed all the extra holes that could be letting out extra air where t wasn’t being used properly to cool anything. Two tubes used and I think I have most all the holes sealed.

The top cowling needed to have the inlet ramp cross sealed so air wouldn’t be dumped out the other sides without even hitting the engine. I correct this by putting a wall in the upper inlet ramps. I then added rubber baffling seal material to the pilot side upper ramp to help cover and make the air flow less turbulent over the AC compressor.

I believe I have almost all of the work completed that will make a huge difference in the cooling of the cylinders. I still have a couple of very small tweaks I want to make to the cowling but will see how the current changes effect the cooling first.

I also tightened the AC compressor belt and routed the low pressure line under the engine to allow the pilot side inlet ramp less obstruction. I had to order more hose and will charge the AC system once I have the new hose installed.