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Section 20, Bottom Wing Skins Wings

Section -20, Bottom Wing Skin

March 10-11 my parents came to town for a weekend visit. This allowed my father and I some time to make noise pounding rivets on the bottom wing skins. On Saturday we worked a solid 10 hours on the right wing and on Sunday we worked another solid 10 hours on the left wing. Both wings where finished by end of Sunday late evening. On to the wing tips.





Section 20, Bottom Wing Skins

Section – 20, Wires, Lights, Pitot Tube, VHF Antenna, etc

After painting the underside of the top wing skin I started to attach the second wire run. I then started to route the wires for the leading edge wing landing lights, position lights, wing tip landing lights, pitot tube, tie down light, aileron trim and strobe lights all in the left wing. Mounting the Gretz pitot control board was also accomplished. I started to work on the right wing with attaching the second wire run but ran out of time.

Some time was spent painting the bottom wing skin after I matched drilled and dimpled the skin in the prior days.















Section 20, Bottom Wing Skins

Section – 20 Bottom Skin, Pitot Tube, VHF Antenna

I have been incredible busy at work requiring lots of travel thus causing time away from home. My time away from my wife and 5.5 month old is taking its toll on them and I. We have all tried to push thru this busy time and make the best of it so the RV10 building has slowed. This is likely ok since the fuselage is 3 months from being delivered. Plenty of time to finish the wings.

Some work has been done on the left wing for installing the Gretz pitot tube mast and supporting structure. I have added a little more support than the Gretz instructions call out. I have also worked on mounting a Red Tip VHF antenna under the wing. This is slightly abnormal from most RV10s but this is being done because we plan on using a MotoPod for hauling larger items that won’t commonly fit in the cabin.



Section 20, Bottom Wing Skins

Section – 20, Flap Gap Fairing

Installed left and right flap gap fairings after dimpling and priming.