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Section 21, Aileron

Section – 21 Ailerons

Finished working with the Ailerons by starting with Section 21-4 Step 1. Riveted all parts of the Ailerons together per Section 21-4, 21-5, 21-6, 21-7. Section 21-8 mounted the Aileron control hardware. I torqued the bolts/nuts and torque sealed the nuts.

Packed the left and right Ailerons away for safe storage.



Section 21, Aileron

Section 21, Aileron

I started to work on the Ailerons since I needed another hand to help work the fuel tanks while using the tank sealant. Not much to write about but the pictures show the status. The aileron ribs have been treated and rivet to the skins. Left aileron is going back together for final drilling.