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Armrest Armrest and Center Console Interior - Aerosport

Aerosport Center Armrest and Console

Saturday Aug 3, 2013 12 hours.

I worked with the armrest and center console that will eventually hold the throttle quad. This took a little time since I really wanted to get the fitment right. The gas selector is in a non standard location compared to Vans so I had to deal with that condition plus I have different rudder pedals. The Control Approach pedals require the mounting of the side panel of the center console to be trimmed to fit around the tubes. Plus since I have the pedals as far aft as possible since I am short I think that might have added to some of the reason why the trimming need to occur. After assembling the center console on the bench I was able to locate the holes for mounting it to the tunnel. This went fairly well along with attaching it to the dash panel.

I did not mount the actual throttle quad since I am unsure of what sytle I want to use. Geoff has two kinds and I am waiting on them to send me the second kind so I can fit them and see what I like best.