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Section 35, Fuselage Interior Panels Section 45, Cabin Doors and Transparencies

Interior and Door work

May 18, 2014. 8 hours

The horrible fiberglass work continues…. I have been working on the left door trying to finish it before I install the window. I had smoothed out the inside door the best I could with UV Smooth Prime and then a Dupli-Color primer filler (FP101 Grey Filler). This actually worked well as I didn’t expect it to. I then followed it with Dupli-Color Acrylic Enamel Gloss White (DA1670) and then a Dupli-Color Acrylic Enamel (Crystal Clear Coat DA1692).

Prior to all the painting I closed out the hinge attach points. We plan to cover the lower panel that covers the access into the door mechanism with some material yet to be picked out.


Section 35, Fuselage Interior Panels

Section 35, Side Panels

Spent a day (9 hours) or so prepping and painting the interior panels in the fuselage. Not much to say here but lots of dimpling and nut plate attachments. Finished installing right passenger seat floor pan that was shipped wrong in the fuselage shipment and had to wait until the Finish kit arrived with the replacement part. No pictures except for Casey playing after the parts had dried.