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Headliner Interior - Aerosport

Aerosport Products Headliner

5 hours, 8 June 2104

On Friday 6th we received the headliner from Aerosport. My wife was excited to start working on putting the headliner on the fiberglass headliner parts. She laid down a blanket and all her supply’s and watched Geoff’s install videos a couple of times then went to work on it. It turned out very nice but I goofed up and didn’t take into account the thickness of the material and so it cover our LED strip lighting we have on the top of where the headliner meets the overhead ducting. I will order some of the rubber trim that we put around the windows and use that to finish off the trimmed area that I will need to remove to the LED lights can still be seen. A real bummer since my wife did a great job on the covering. Pictures to come..

Headliner Interior - Aerosport

Aerosport Headliner Trimming

Oct 3-4th, 2013. Hours 5

I spent some time trimming the Aerosport RV10 Headliner fiberglass backing. Not knowing exactly how things were to fit I slowly trimmed the edges off the headliner. I over cut the right side headliner and had to epoxy bak on a piece to make up for the gap I left up by the overhead. I was able to get it all fixed up but I still need to work on getting it parallel to the side face of the overhead.

I am waiting to pick the fabric color until after the seats are upholstered so I will report on that process later on.