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Avionics G3X Components Wire Routing

Re-routing of HID and Wing Tip Tax/Landing Light wire

4 hours, 6 June 2014.

I had performed an EMI test using the G3X previously and when the left HID and/or Wing Tip Taxi light was switched ON the EMI value went to 340% over. When the wings were wired I had not chosen the avionics system yet and hadn’t planned on routing the magnetometer in the left wing, things changed and so I need to change the wiring to accommodate the very sensitive magnetometer. I ordered 50 feet of 18 ga. shielded, twisted wire and pulled the old wire out and pulled in the new wire. According to the Garmin manual the cable shield should be terminated on both ends. I finished connecting the power, ground and shield wires and powered up the system. I only had a 4% rise in EMI. It passed.

G3X Components Section 37, Fuel System

Fuel Tank Sender Calibration

May 25, 2014. 8 hours

Today I went to Pearland Regional to get 40 gals of fuel to calibrate the fuel tanks. The G3X system makes this process very easy and straight forward. I decided to poor in 1 gal at a time which gave me great resolution. Although 1 gal at a time is a long drawn out process, I want good measurements.
I filled the left tank first and reached the tab at 22 gal. The sender unit stopped registering at 25 gals but the tank easily fit 30 gal. Stumped the tank, no contamination yet. I then disconnected the line from the mechanical fuel pump and turned on then electrical fuel boost pump and flowed several gal of fuel through it.

Flow Rate (left/right):
1 gal at 1 minute 16 seconds.

I did the same process to the right side with the same results.

I then pulled the purge valve control to the ICO position with the throttle at 1/2 and mixture fuel rich. Dave Forster my neighbor stopped by and lent some help with verifying fuel purge valve lines where flowing fuel. We then verified what the flow rate was I with the main fuel line from the mechanical fuel pump to the servo. This gave me a flow rate of 1 gal at 1 minute 14 seconds. We then pushed the tail all the way down to the ground, almost a 14 degree pitch ( I think I remembered that pitch correctly.). Again we pumped 1 minute 18 seconds, the pump inlet never un ported with only 2 gallon the tank.



Avionics G3X Components

Mounting G3X Components

Oct 27, 2013. 5 hours.

I decided I had a fairly good idea for the locations of the G3X components and so I started to lay them out on the sub panel. I tried my best to make everything fit as I thought they should be oriented for best access and routing of wires. I had to add support for the mounting of the GSU-25 to make the sub panel more rigid.

GSU 25 provides the following functions: