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Fuselage Section 29, Fuse Side Skins

Section 29, Fuselage Side Skins

Fuselage Side skin section was another long section that I thought wouldn’t take as much time as it did. This section involves bending of the longerons, all 4 of them. This took lots of massaging them into the correct shape. Once the longerons were completed shaping of the side skins where the skin rolls to the underside was started. But first I needed to fabricate the clamping block and didn’t have the correct wood working tools do I called in a favor from by brother in law who has a complete wood shop to fab me up some. One week (July 4 weekend) later my folks drove them up to me and back to bending skins I went. My folks helped in the build during this time as well and my dad started Section 31. I continued to work Section 29. All parts were chemically prepped and then had epoxy primer spayed on them before final assembly. I also sprayed the lower fuselage mid and front section with white epoxy paint to help protect it. This section took approximately 90 hours to complete. I also installed the two fwd motopod mounts for the under belly pod attacents.