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Armrest and Center Console Throttle Quad

Throttle/Mixture Cable, Center Console, Rudder Trim

May 10th, 2014 16 hours

Throttle cable and Mixture cable arrived after I reorder longer cables for both.
CT Q-67, P/N: 184VTT2-67. it specifically says not for use on aircraft.. go figure..
CT Q-60. The 60″ went to the Throttle and the 67 went to the Mixture.

The Throttle cable required the rod end be connected lower on the servo arm. It also required the Throttle control quadrant to be re drilled lower as well. A very slight amount, maybe 0.25″ is not used on the bottom side of the Throttle quad. The entire range of motion is achieved on the throttle servo.

The mixture cable did not require anything special, just connected it up on both ends.

After the throttle quad was connected I finally was able to install the Aerosport throttle quad cover and tunnel covers. Installed the fuel selector valve red knob. Fastened the center arm rest in place also.


Interior - Aerosport Throttle Quad

Aerosport throttle quad mounting

8/25/2013, 2 hours
I worked on mounting the throttle quad to the attach bracket provided in the kit from Aerosport. I requested the throttle quad mount that is attached lower than the standard mounting kit since I wanted the angle and height of the throttle controls to be lower. I like the feel of it better than of the standard mounting method plus this allows for better access to the fuel selector valve. I was able to get all the mounting attach brackets drilled and nut plates attached. Now I need to attach it to the center tunnel panel. I am waiting on the new carbon fiber quad insert piece since they need to make a special one since to make this work with the standard panel the piece needs to be cut slightly longer. It should arrive this Thursday.