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Switch Labels

0.50 hours, 17 June 2014
I added the IGN1/2, ECU 1 and ECU 2 labels along with the defrost and panel lights labels to the switches in their respective locations.

Interior - Aerosport Panel

Aerosport RV10 Panel

Received the Aerosport panel and interior parts from Geoff. The products look great and seem to be fairly straight forward to install. I started working with the panel and had to trim some edges to allow it to fit better. Mounting of the back plate for the panel was straight forward also but I guess my support structure the panel mounts isn’t perfectly matched so it is rather tricky to install all the fasteners. You essentially have to work the panel around by installing various screws to make all the holes line up. I was able to trim out the portions of the carbon fiber panel rather easy. I then went about adding all the required mounting holes to hold in the blank panels that will eventually hold various avionics.
(Aug 1-2, 16 hours)

I also got a little creative with trying to keep cool in the hangar. It was rather hot in there while i was working.