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Avionics EDS-4ip Mountain High Aviation Oxygen System

Mountain High Refill Station

Sept 14th, 2013. 1 hour
I finally ordered the replacement 1/8″ compression Ferrule so i could finish installing the 1/8″ refill line from the refill station to the tank. All lines flushed and torqued per manufactures guidance – Swage Lock. (3/4 turn after finger tight and tubing not moving)

00HDW-02120BB – 1/8″ Comp Ferrule Back Brass
00HDW-02120FB – 1/8″ Comp Ferrule Front Brass



Avionics EDS-4ip Mountain High Aviation Oxygen System

Center Console Mountain High Oxygen System air connections

Aug 31, 2013. 6 hours
The 4 oxygen control pulse units from Mountain High Oxygen will be mounted in the center console since this provided the most logical location for the units versus work required for other locations. The hose routing went from behind the rear baggage bulkhead to the flap control tube then over to the center tunnel. I temporarily placed the tubing and several cable tie mounting brackets since I will later come back and run the communication wire for the units. I also ran black tubing inside the tunnel to accommodate the wire run up to the dash where the control head will be mounted. This tube will also house all the headset jacks along with music audio input jack for the rear seats.



Avionics EDS-4ip Mountain High Aviation Oxygen System

EDS-DP Type E3

Aug 18, 2013 – 8 hours.

I started working on mounting the EDS-DP air distribution controllers, all 4 of them. I decided to mount the units in the Aerosport center arm rest console. The mounting was fairly straight forward except I needed to pay attention to clearances because of the mounting angled surfaces I was working with. Over all it turned out ok but I was slightly large on mounting hole cut out but a larger surface o-ring will help cover the very small gap that appears between the control module and console. I apparently only tool one picture but will later update the page with more of the locations where they are mounted.


Avionics EDS-4ip Mountain High Aviation Oxygen System

EDS-4ip MH Oxygen System

Aug 14th, 2013 – 2 hours.
I was able to complete the mounting bracket plate the oxygen tank will be mounted onto and got it riveted in. Working in those small areas just aren’t fun when your “special” angle drill keeps slipping gears and wont turn the drill bit. Frustrating!! Another frustrating event that occurred was I routed the 1/8″ copper tube for the refill line for the tank and I didn’t realize that the end connector had two small wedge pieces that are supposed to be installed. I installed the copper tubing with only the large wedge piece around the copper tubing and then realized after I had “squished” the fitting that this wasn’t they way it was supposed to work! Im ordering more parts from Mountain High now so I will order some of these fittings also. Something told me it wasn’t right and I certainly need this line to hold since it will have 2000 to 3000 PSI on it. I have also included a picture of the refill station located under the baggage floor.




EDS-4ip Mountain High Aviation Oxygen System

EDS-4ip MH Oxygen System

Aug 11-12th, 2013 – 4 hours
I started working with the Mountain High EDS-4ip Aviation Oxygen System. First I unpacked the box to figure out what I was working with. I decided on mounting the the Deluxe fill station with gauge and the (current) 3/8-24 (MS22066) fitting under the baggage area. It is located under the access door in the baggage area. I do not have picture of this install at this time but will in the future since it is not plumbed yet. The unit hides nicely out of the way and is very easy to access when it will need to be recharged.

i am mounting the Oxygen tank on the starboard side of the aircraft since I cannot fit it on the port side located adjacent to the rear standard battery location. On the port side is also the strobe light system not allowing enough room for access. I will be mounting the oxygen bottle horizontal and not vertical as I original wished since the air conditioning tray interferes with the height of the oxygen bottle. I have not completely installed the mounts yet but have drilled the mounting holes only at this point.