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Armrest and Center Console Throttle Quad

Throttle/Mixture Cable, Center Console, Rudder Trim

May 10th, 2014 16 hours

Throttle cable and Mixture cable arrived after I reorder longer cables for both.
CT Q-67, P/N: 184VTT2-67. it specifically says not for use on aircraft.. go figure..
CT Q-60. The 60″ went to the Throttle and the 67 went to the Mixture.

The Throttle cable required the rod end be connected lower on the servo arm. It also required the Throttle control quadrant to be re drilled lower as well. A very slight amount, maybe 0.25″ is not used on the bottom side of the Throttle quad. The entire range of motion is achieved on the throttle servo.

The mixture cable did not require anything special, just connected it up on both ends.

After the throttle quad was connected I finally was able to install the Aerosport throttle quad cover and tunnel covers. Installed the fuel selector valve red knob. Fastened the center arm rest in place also.


Armrest Armrest and Center Console Interior - Aerosport

Aerosport Center Armrest and Console

Saturday Aug 3, 2013 12 hours.

I worked with the armrest and center console that will eventually hold the throttle quad. This took a little time since I really wanted to get the fitment right. The gas selector is in a non standard location compared to Vans so I had to deal with that condition plus I have different rudder pedals. The Control Approach pedals require the mounting of the side panel of the center console to be trimmed to fit around the tubes. Plus since I have the pedals as far aft as possible since I am short I think that might have added to some of the reason why the trimming need to occur. After assembling the center console on the bench I was able to locate the holes for mounting it to the tunnel. This went fairly well along with attaching it to the dash panel.

I did not mount the actual throttle quad since I am unsure of what sytle I want to use. Geoff has two kinds and I am waiting on them to send me the second kind so I can fit them and see what I like best.