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Interior - Aerosport Side Panels

Aerosport Side Panels

Aug 5-7, 2013 – 6 hours.

Started to work on the Aerosport front seat, rear seat and baggage area side panels. The instructions call for installing the rear seat side panels then the baggage area panels then finally the front seat panels. I choose the front seat panels, not sure why but I did and this seemed to work out ok but they are much harder to install than the others. The front panel consisted of dealing with much more trimming and fitting then the others. Once the panel on the front left was fitted I moved to the right side where I had to contend with the Air Conditioning hoses as they ran to the firewall. This caused me to put a cutout to allow for the bulge caused by the hoses.

The rear seat and baggage panels are fairly straight forward once you figure out the alignment line you want to establish on the top side of the panels. The mounting holes are drilled on all panels accept for the front seat panels. I still need to attach the nut plates and drill the attach holes into the front seat panels. I will be making a clip to help hold the right side front panel near the Air Conditioning hoses. The clip will help apply pressure to the panel over a larger area that just a screw might.

I mounted the control arms to the back seat outside air vent controls. I also cut the air vent holes in the rear seat side panel and matched up the transitions air duct pieces between the side wall skin and the panels.