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Section 24, Wing Tip

Section – 24 Wing Tip mounting and wire stuff

The wing tips are coming along nicely, I have them fitted and have been working on shortening the aft portion of the wingtip since the extended 3/8 inch beyond the rest of the wing. When I mounted the W-1016-L/R I should have paid closer attention to the racking going on in the wing tip. This caused the aft end of the wing tip to be offset slightly from the aileron and so I had to build up or remove material to make the transitions flow better. Lesson learned.



Section 24, Wing Tip

Section – 24 Wing Tip

Friday 23rd, started working on mounting the wing tips to the wings. Process was straight forward once the wing tips were marked up from trimming. A couple small trimming adjustments and the wing tips fit nicely. Drilled the mounting holes and machine dimpled them to except #6 screw along with dimpling the wing skins. The trailing edge of the wings tips are approximately 3/8″ to long. I have trimmed off the extra and am now adding fiberglass structure back to the wing tips since the joint at the end of the wing tip needs to be rebuilt.

The lights and lens was already mounted to the wingtip last christmas so they will be finished once the fiberglass work is done. I will also start working on mounting wire connections for the wing tips very soon.