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Section 39, Control System

Elevator Travel

2 hours, 25 June 2014

I spent more time looking at the elevator control rod system. There is a slight interference when the stick is full aft. I adjusted the threaded rod end by one revolution and then torqued and torqued sealed the nuts back in place on the rod end through bolt and rod end jam nut. I then went to the elevator and added a small piece of McMaster Carr door seal strip to the bump stop and glued in place with the elevator in full up position. This limited the travel by one more degree making the final up position be at 29 degrees deflection.



Section 39, Control System

Elevator Control Tube and Aileron cross link between sticks

3 hours, 24 June 2014

I spent time with tearing apart the center tunnel section to gain access to the elevator push tube where it connects to the control sticks. This area is very tight and there is interference between the elevator tube and the aileron cross control rod when in full stick aft. I had to lengthen the distance between the tube end and the attachment point so the aileron Control rod would not hit the jam nut on the face of the tube. This requires the threaded rod end to be extremely far out of the end of the tube thus requiring a safety wire to be put in place. I made the adjustments and safety wired the rod end per Vans Section 39-4.


Section 39, Control System

The quest for a control stick solution

6 hours, 21 June 2014
This day Dave Forster and I went on a whirlwind chase to compare the RV10 control stick to Phil Perry and Nick Nasfinger. This took us to two different airports across Houston so Dave offered up his Rocket for the pursuit. We launched out of Polly Ranch for our first stop at DUNHAM and private airfield on the north east side of Houston. We grabbed Phils control sticks and looked over his project and discussed a couple of items. We then launched out to see Nick’s RV10 at Pearland. I sat in his RV10 and was able to get an idea of how a flying RV10 feels. We then launched back over to Polly Ranch.

We essential decided to make a bend in the stick just below where the vertical portion holding the infinity grip attaches to the curved portion. This allowed us to clear the panel switches with out any issues. Thanks Dave to the help on this one!!

We still think we have a seat issue with the new seat sitting a little taller than stock and this is making the stick movement become a little less since you have taken away the clearance under the stick. I will be looking into this more as we get closer to first flight. I will likely add rudder pedal extensions so I can move the seat back further to guarantee the stick movement.


Fuselage Section 39, Control System

Section 39, Control System

Fabricated all the pushrods as described in the plans and installed them per the plans. Prior to installing the parts they where primed and painted. Spent 8 hours, October 6, 2012.