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Building the Fuselage

Fuselage Section 36, Brake Lines

Section 36, More Brake Lines

Continued with running tunnel brake lines and measured the brake lines for the Control Approach Pedals. I am ordering the brake lines from Bonaco. Spent 7 hours doing this on Oct 6th.

QTY 2: -3 Hose assy w/clear at 37

Section 35, Fuselage Interior Panels

Section 35, Side Panels

Spent a day (9 hours) or so prepping and painting the interior panels in the fuselage. Not much to say here but lots of dimpling and nut plate attachments. Finished installing right passenger seat floor pan that was shipped wrong in the fuselage shipment and had to wait until the Finish kit arrived with the replacement part. No pictures except for Casey playing after the parts had dried.


Section 36, Brake Lines

Section 36, Brake Lines

3 hours. Started fabrication the Brake Lines. The right inside fuselage side is completed. Still working the left side. Spent about 3 hours working the lines but spent another 5 finishing the side panels in Section 35.






Fuselage Section 33, Baggage Area Section 34, Baggage Door

Section 33 & 34, work

I worked the baggage area and rear seat floors up to the point of needing to prime the parts, page 33-4. As you can see from the pictures i had my little helper with me. I then jumped over to assembling the baggage door and stopped prior to final drilling the parts. I will continue work on these section later in the week. I spent about 5 hours on this so far.



Fuselage Section 32, Tailcone Attachment

Section 32, Tailcone Attachment

Finished attaching the Tailcone to the Fuselage in about 8 hours. Had to wait for some help to buck the bottom rivets.




Fuselage Section 30, Step Installation

Section 30, Step Installation

Section 30 went fairly quick except for needing to re-drill the left step AN3 bolt to an AN4 bolt. When the AN3 bolt was drilled I enlarged to hole by not holding the drill properly and therefore the step was loose from the bolt fitting loose in the drilled hole.
Spent about 4.5 hours working this section. Had to remove most of the epoxy paint on the step that goes into the fuselage for it to fit into the mounts. I installed the step tube spacers to provide a better grip on the tube and possible fix the known step wiggle issue.


Section 31, Upper Forward Fuselage Assembly

Section 31, Upper Forward Fuselage Assembly

July 4th weekend my patents came up for the holiday and brought up my clamping block I needed for Section 29. My dad started working on Section 31, the Upper Fwd Fuselage Assembly. He accomplished about 50% of this section but stopped short of riveting anything together. He spent about 14 hours on it. We will finish this section when he comes up for Casey’s 1st birthday on August 24th. These parts will also be chemically prepped and epoxy primed before assembly. It was neat to place the assembly onto the fuselage and start to see the physical shape of the airplane to materialize. Exciting.



Fuselage Section 29, Fuse Side Skins

Section 29, Fuselage Side Skins

Fuselage Side skin section was another long section that I thought wouldn’t take as much time as it did. This section involves bending of the longerons, all 4 of them. This took lots of massaging them into the correct shape. Once the longerons were completed shaping of the side skins where the skin rolls to the underside was started. But first I needed to fabricate the clamping block and didn’t have the correct wood working tools do I called in a favor from by brother in law who has a complete wood shop to fab me up some. One week (July 4 weekend) later my folks drove them up to me and back to bending skins I went. My folks helped in the build during this time as well and my dad started Section 31. I continued to work Section 29. All parts were chemically prepped and then had epoxy primer spayed on them before final assembly. I also sprayed the lower fuselage mid and front section with white epoxy paint to help protect it. This section took approximately 90 hours to complete. I also installed the two fwd motopod mounts for the under belly pod attacents.










Section 28, FWD Fuse Ribs, BHDS & Bottom Skin

Section 28, FWD Fuse Ribs, BHDS & Bottom Skin

It’s been a long while since my last update, just way to busy and lack of drive to set down and catch up on documentation.

Section 28, involved working the Forward Fuse ribs, bulkheads and bottom skins. Joining the mid fuselage and forward fuselage assembly was the most exciting portion of this section. You really started to see something to develop from your work. Most of this section I worked alone and spent about an estimate of 35 hours building it. The parts had the usual chemical treatment applied before assembly.




Fuselage Section 25, Mid Fuselage Bulkheads

Section 25, MotoPod HardPoint Mount

I attached the MotoPod HardPoint attachment into the Mid Fuselage Ribs and Bottom Skin section. The instruction provided are straight forward and very well drawn with well made parts. Other than the fact you are working in a small space the install is easy. David did a great job at capturing all the required information and parts needed. I will install the forward HardPoint in an upcoming section. I did not make the seat pan access hole yet but will when I come to the appropriate section. More pictures once the entire aft attach point is riveted in. (7 hours)